Project Management – redefined!

Helmut4 allows you to effectively manage editing projects within professional video production environments where Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition are used.

Manage your projects, templates, preferences and profiles. Control your project-related assets from ingest to export. Maintain order across all your storage media, and easily integrate MAM/PAM systems.

All this works exactly how you want it to. That’s because Helmut4 follows your workflow – not the other way around.

Helmut4 reflects the principle that ‘editing@home’ should be
just the same as ‘editing@work’ – for individual tasks and collaborative projects alike. Let’s see how to work remotely.

Workflow 4.0

Every good workflow consists of ideas, the will to improve, and the target to complete the project as soon as possible. In most cases, the workflow follows the available functions. By contrast, Helmut’s functions follow your workflow.

Create your own WORKFLOW by using the “Streams Engine”, Helmut’s innovative workflow builder. Expand the functions according to your own needs and ideas. Improve the workflow yourself by adding and editing functions. 

Add condition, action and output nodes to existing events. With Helmut, there’s no limit to your creativity.


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Benefits of Helmut4

Helmut4 brings you numerous benefits. Here are the top 5 highlights:

  1. Helmut4 allows you to switch from Avid MC to Adobe Premiere Pro easily, without resulting in a cluttered environment of multiple systems.
  2. Helmut4 is an open system – which helps you to integrate third-party components.
  3. Helmut4 is user-friendly with no need for extensive training sessions.
  4. Helmut4 users can concentrate on their key competencies while Helmut4 takes care of all the rest.
  5. Helmut4 helps you maintain order in your storage and PAM systems, thanks to its automated archiving process.

In summary: lower costs, higher productivity and better quality.

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